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About Company

Established in 2023 by our CEO, Raghava Pappala, Vedavi Exports is more than a company; it's a culmination of a family's diverse business legacy. Nurtured by experiences in farming, cold chain, and logistics, Vedavi emerged with a singular purpose — to bridge the gap between farmers and global consumers. Our commitment to fair trade practices and sustainability defines our journey.

Through strategic alliances with Farmer Producer Organizations in Andhra Pradesh, we've empowered local farmers, fostering fair trade. Nationwide partnerships with manufacturers and traders ensure transparency and quality across our supply chain.

Explore our diverse range of agro commodities, from premium Basmati and 64 Parboiled rice to ICUMSA 45 Sugar sourced directly from Brazil. Our selection of pulses, spices, vegetable & and fruit powders, edible oils, and herbal powders caters to various culinary needs. Experience Vedavi Exports — where tradition meets innovation, and quality meets authenticity.



Our Journey So Far

Founding Year 

Founded in 2023, Vedavi Exports marks the inception of a visionary venture dedicated to transforming agro commodity trade with a focus on fair practices and sustainability.

Founding Members

Raghava Pappala (CEO) and the company were new but not the legacy, by growing in the background of multiple businesses  family, learning the core points of each sector like farming, cold chain, and logistics have opened an new path for me to initiate the VEDAVI.



At Vedavi Exports, our future is as ambitious as our roots are deep. We envision expanding our impact by forging new collaborations with global farmers and producers, further strengthening fair trade practices. Our commitment to sustainability will drive innovative initiatives, fostering eco-friendly agricultural practices. As we aspire to become a beacon of excellence in the agro commodities industry, our journey forward involves continuous growth, ethical leadership, and a steadfast dedication to delivering the finest quality products to our valued customers. Vedavi's future is not just a vision; it's a promise to continually evolve, innovate, and contribute positively to the agricultural landscape on a global scale.

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